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Real sales through microbloggers - Eldorado experience

During the trial month of cooperation the Perfluence platform, iProspect and Eldorado have attracted through microbloggers 10 times more buyers than it had been planned. 20 ads from microbloggers resulted in more than 1,500 orders, CRR 10%.

Talent, humor, naturalness: what people look for on TikTok and how businesses can use it

While Instagram and YouTube were the main platforms for advertising before, in 2020 bloggers and advertisers are actively switching to TikTok

How to attract 30,000 new customers to SberMarket through microbloggers: Perfluence case

Many brands make the mistake of giving their budgets only to large bloggers and celebrities - not for all companies it is the path to real sales.

Perfluence: how marketing department bacame platform for bloggers and brought customers 700+ million rubles

The idea of ​​the agency worked cause we did not have to come up with customer pain points.

Perfluence et Domino’s Pizza: comment attirer 12 000 clients grâce aux microblogueurs

What we started with, what difficulties we faced, what is the peculiarity of promoting a pizzeria and what results have been achieved.

Advertising minus virus: how can brands and agencies survive the crisis?

Despite the global threat to the business and economy of any country, the coronavirus pandemic has played into the hands of advertising agencies - although not everyone.

Watch your language. How to work with X, Y, Z and Alpha audience

According to a Fast Company study, 40% of solvent customers in 2020 will be representatives of Generation Z.

How CPA model changes influence marketing and how much bloggers earn now

Micro-influencers is a future

3 lessons of influence marketing worth learning in Russia

Brands switch to the new payment model

How switching to CPA model will solve all the channel issues

How not to waste your money on influencers in 2020

Fire them: how to work with bloggers who don't want to work within CPA-model

How to work with bloggers in 2020

Instagram will not show likes under posts: who benefits from it

How to work with bloggers and build team of 700 scouts

Why Instagram massively blocks accounts and how bloggers should avoid it

Micro vs Macro bloggers

It's super pricey to pay for promo in celebrities' accounts and do you still think it's effective? No, it's not and here's why

How to acquire 20k users in one week with the help of microbloggers

Two months ago we launched Reposh - our social network for selling and buying brands. To make it happen we decided on the flashmob

How to earn 24 million rubles a month on influence marketing

A couple of years ago I couldn't even imagine that influence marketing would be the best-performer among my marketing mix


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